9am~Sunday~ Waking Up: Freeing Ourselves From Work ~ DJ Raven, DJ D-Way

10am~Sunday~ Mindfulness, Balance & Sustainability

Noon~Sunday~ OPEN

2pm~Sunday~ Radio Voices ~ DJ Dynamatt

4pm~Sunday~ Radio Autonomia ~ (1st Sundays 4-6) ~ Kayla, Clyde, Alita, Nata

4pm~Sunday~ Africa Speaks ~ (2nd – 5th Suns)

6pm~Sunday~ Sisdren Irietions ~ DJ I Light, Rozey Share

8pm~Sunday~ OPEN

10pm~Sunday~ 6 Hours of Silence ~ Baby Snakes, Velvet Touch

Noon~Monday~ Macsen Apollo Show

Noon~Monday~ OPEN 2pm~Monday~ OPEN

4pm~Monday~ Strictly Zappa Show ~ Magdalena

6pm~Monday~ Rad Radio 6 O’clock News ~ DJ QMark

8pm~Monday~ Uforious Raydeeoh ~ Sutros, 2 Milli

10pm~Monday~ OPEN

10am~Tuesday~ OPEN

Noon~Tuesday~ Mouse Report ~ DJ Mouse

2pm~Tuesday~ In the Spirit of Things ~ Yukon Hannibal

4pm~Tuesday~ Smooth Grooves and R&B ~ The Music Man

6pm~Tuesday~ Once upon a time Macaroni ~ DJ Luca, DJ Isabella

8pm~Tuesday~ OPEN

10pm~Tuesday~ Pilgrimage on the Corner ~ Iskender Baba

10am~Wednesday~ Music Scene ~ Pirate John

Noon~Wednesday~ The Kids are (not that) revolting ~ Panda McFloo

2pm~Wednesday~ Music Cops Resent ~ Natasha

4pm~Wednesday~ OPEN

6pm~Wednesday~ One Fam Radio

8pm~Wednesday~ The Noncompliance Offense ~ Convicted Harold

10pm~Wednesday~ Scream Queens ~ DJ Aglossa, DJ Fereshteh

10am~Thursday~ Vicente Blues ~ Vinnie

Noon~Thursday~ Downrightdave

2pm~Thursday~ Sophisticated Hyphy ~ Shake 9169

4pm~Thursday~ Death Jam Witching Hour ~ DJ Death Jam

6pm~Thursday~ OPEN

8pm~Thursday~ Green Screen Radio ~ DJ Morningstar

10pm~Thursday~ OPEN

10am~Friday~ Before the Stomach Turns ~ Marcus

Noon~Friday~ The Bass~ment ~ DJ Bass 77

2pm~Friday~ OPEN

4pm~Friday~ Displayed Labors Radio ~ Twitch

6pm~Friday~ Vampire Hour ~ Lexx Fenwick

8pm~Friday~ Annals of Jazz ~ Abdul Jamal

10pm~Friday~ Word n Bass ~ BPM Smith

10am~Saturday~ Radical Perspectives ~ Gerald

Noon~Saturday~ Liberation of the Wretched ~ DJ Adversary

2pm~Saturday~ People’s Community Medics ~ Sista T, Free, The Hood’s 1st Lady

4pm~Saturday~ OPEN

6pm~Saturday~ Hope for Health ~ Michael J. Lee

8pm~Saturday~ Captain Fred’s World Cruise ~ Captain Fred

10pm~Saturday~ OPEN


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