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BLR 2012 Fall Program Guide (printable booklet)


The BLR Mission
Berkeley Liberation Radio exists to provide a voice for the diverse community within the Berkeley / Oakland area and beyond. Further, it is a vehicle that we establish to bring about social change. Consistent with a vision of creating an alternative diverse hybrid society free of sexism, homophobia, racism, and all other forms of oppression, programming on Berkeley Liberation Radio will be reflective of those goals and ideals.


Offering to host the transmitter is a small but impactful act of civil disobedience that should appeal to every radical house in the east bay!

The Federal Communications Commission tries to prevent independent projects like ours from using the frequencies in our own communities. Instead, the FCC sells the frequencies to huge corporate conglomerates broadcasting robo djs and ruling class misinformation. Berkeley Liberation Radio amplifies the voice of the ordinary people as part of a larger philosophy that critique and analysis is necessary to combat corporate media monopoly on information.

Hosting the transmitter for a few months is an easy and low-effort way for the community to support us. We just need to get the word out to the right person at the right time. We should be raising awareness in our community about BLR, free speech, media conglomeration.

There is no way to exactly predict the bureaucratic timeline of FCC action against our transmitter. There are letters, sometimes a visit, and long periods of silence. The FCC typically will not bother with legal action against individuals operating a low power transmitter unless there have been complaints, multiple warnings, and defiance. We completely support our host locations to make a personal decision to shut down the transmitter at whichever step in the FCC actions they choose. We have successfully resisted inspection of our transmitter sites since we began the remote broadcast protocol in 2006.

We exist because we support the people in our community and we are 100% audience supported without ever wasting a moment of time on pledge drives. In years past we have transmitted from businesses, non-profits, private homes, and even the tops of trees. Our needs are: electricity for the transmitter and the computer, an internet connection, and initial physical access to the site for installation. After that, occasionally the computer has to be restarted if for some reason the remote broadcast fails.


The BLR collective is made up of more than forty content providers. It’s a completely volunteer station. We meet twice a month to provide orientation and support for new members. The meetings are the 1st and 3rd Thursday at the Long Haul at 3124 Shattuck in Berkeley.

Berkeley Liberation Radio is a dues paying collective. Our format does not exclude any genre of music. We only insist that each show respect our mission statement. Attend a meeting and pitch your idea for your show. You receive mandatory training on the equipment. $20 a month are the dues for the collective. As a member of BLR, you get autonomy in a 2 hour time slot of free radio.

We are activists involved in independent media. As a member of the BLR collective, you’ll be helping to provide this platform for free speech to our community. Collaborate with other radio hosts. Meet musicians and activists involved in DIY media projects. Be a part of audio history in the East Bay. Seize the Airwaves. Be the Media.



10am Macsen Apollo Show

2pm The Libertarian Show
Zippy the Yippie

4pm Strictly Zappa Show
DJ Magdelena
All Zappa all the time

6pm Rad Radio 6 o’clock News
DJ QMark
Weekly audio activist news & music full of punk rock

8pm Uforious Raydeeyo
Sutros & 2Milli


noon Mouse Report
Weekly grassroots, mouse-eye view coverage of the endless bad news – horror stories ‘n’ stuff. Call-ins about upcoming protests welcome 510-495-1666

2pm In The Spirit of Things
Yukon Hannibal
Lil’ bit of this, lil’ bit of that and a whole lotta those other things

4pm Smooth Grooves and Mellow Moods
Music Man

6pm Inventing Hip Hop
DJ Johnny 5 hosts this show to represent a celebration of the past accomplishments of hip hop and the current movements that keep its spirit alive. Each week a different theme is dissected and analyzed through the lens of this art form. Hip Hop history, one track at a time.

10pm Pilgrimage on the Corner
Iskender Baba


10am Music Scene
Pirate John
Folk, Rock, Traditional, International

2pm Music Cops Resent
News, commentary, music, and random clips from a punk view, exploring alternatives to police Listeners can review the tracklists for select shows at musiccopsresent.tumblr.com

6pm One Fam Radio

10pm Scream Queens is run by DJ Feresteh & DJ Aglossa, putting out the best queer and femme voices in the subversive realms of punk, post-punk, noise, darkwave, and electroclash genres. We like to get into rants and discussions about gender identity, anti-capitalist living, intersectional feminism, and how to deal with the alienation that comes about living in our queer bodies.
We also interview local queer and lady musicians in the local Oakland scene, transcribe those shows into text, and distribute zines as supplements to our program. Check us out on screamqueensradio.tumblr.com to get a visual as to what we’re about, see our playlists, and catch up with the shows happening around the Bay.


10am Vecente Blues

2pm The Sophisticated Hyphy Show
Come visit the reality where time doesn’t exist w/ host Shake 9169 & everyone listening is in the V.I.P. (vibrating w/ an intelligent purpose) … Vibe wit us!!! … New music, universal principles, poetry & social commentary spinning indie Hip Hop, alternative, old school & R&B mix style

4pm Death Jam Witching Hour
DJ Death Jam


9am “The Isabella Show”
Come to my Amusement Park – Soulland, ride my emotional roller coaster, as I serve you a delicious, scrumptious tossed salad with those tomatoes, carrots N lettuce. Hmmm. Political, Spiritual N Physical. Enjoy the ride… 2 Segments, Poetry Corner, Live interviews, Hip Hop, Rock, Soul, Classics, Spoken Word… Enjoy the ride and hold your breath…

6pm Outlet
DJ Hatter

8pm Annals of Jazz
Abdul Jamal
Baddest jazz programming in the business, America’s art form

10pm Word N Bass
BPM Smith
Down tempo, ambient, techno & drum ‘n’ bass live in the mix wordnbass.com


10am Radical Perspectives
Gerald & Shane
The hottest news and commentary along with exclusive spontaneous analysis

noon Liberation Of The Wretched
DJ Adversary
Political rants around poverty and mental illness with diverse music (rock, blues)

2pm People’s Community Medics
Sista T, Free, The Hood’s 1st Lady
Urban commentary for self-determination. R & B, Hip Hop and progressive music

4pm Outside The Box
Lady Sunray

6pm Hope 4 Health
Michael J. Lee
Politically motivated to damnate the pharmaceutical companies and the doctors who push their drugs

8pm Captain Fred’s World Cruise
A lively mix of music with a message from all over the planet. Regular features are Musicians Who Got Gigs, the Funky 45, and the Subliminal Political segment. Call-ins are appreciated at (510) 495-1666 Check out related content in the AMPB report


9am Waking Up: Freeing Ourselves From Work
DJ Raven & DJ Dway
Conversations about how to design a world that works for us, instead of the other way around

10am Mindfulness, Balance & Sustainability

noon My God Damn Radio Show
DJ Dizeszter & Charlie
Punk music and then some. Dizezterous events every week, now with more dick jokes

2pm Radio Voices
Mr Dynamatt
Live variety show spotlighting local artists, musicians, scientists & story tellers

4pm (First Sunday of the Month) Radio Autonomía
Kayla, Clyde, Alita, Nata, Profe
Radio Autonomía/Autonomy Radio: Zapatismo in the Bay is a collective media project that takes inspiration from the Zapatista movement in Chiapas, México. We focus on autonomous political, economic, and social projects in the San Francisco Bay Area that resonate with the anti-capitalist, rebel spirit of Zapatismo. We previously broadcast as Relatos Zapatistas/Radio Zapatista, and we continue to form part of the Radio Zapatista collective. All of our archives are available through our website: radioautonomia.wordpress.com Send your comments, questions, or suggestions to radioautonomia [at] gmail.com

5pm (2nd – 5th Sun) Africa Speaks
DJ Oracle & DJ Contro

6pm Sisdren Irietions
DJ I Light & Rozey Share
Eclectic international and outernational reggae selections

10pm 6 Hours of Silence
Baby Snakes & The Velvet Touch


We encourage visitors from the community, arranged in advance.

At any given time, there are several shows looking for guests to interview. If you have something to say, one of our hosts would love to assist you to get the word out to the community in the East Bay.

outreach [at] blrdown.info

Our studio phone is (510) 495-1666 You can try to call in and talk to whoever is in the studio. If you want, we can put the phone call on the air!


Times are hard and we love to accept donations to help us continue to provide an important free speech resource to the east bay. Mail donations to:
Berkeley Liberation Radio
PMB 22
2018 Shattuck Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94704


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