Trey Gowdy Splits With GOP’s House Intel Findings: Russia Wanted Hillary to Lose | Mediaite

According to Politico, the congressman disagrees with the report’s conclusion that America’s intelligence agencies were wrong in their analysis of Russia’s motivations:

Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina said that the evidence gathered by the committee clearly showed Russia’s disdain for Trump’s rival, Hillary Clinton, and was “motivated in whole or in part by a desire to harm her candidacy or undermine her Presidency had she prevailed.”

A source close to Gowdy also said he thinks that Russia’s dislike of Clinton prompted them to undermine her candidacy and potential presidency, which amounted to helping Trump in the grand scheme of things.

“He believes the debate over whether desiring a negative outcome for Clinton necessarily meant Russia had a preference for candidate Trump is a distinction that doesn’t make a difference.

”Gowdy is not the only conservative committee member to disagree with the Monday report. Rep. Tom Rooney (R-FL) gave a TV interview where he lamented that the committee lost all of its credibility and had “gone completely off the rails.”

Democrats have also complained about the investigation’s premature conclusion, saying there were still witnesses to interview and documents to look over.

Source: Trey Gowdy Splits With GOP’s House Intel Findings: Russia Wanted Hillary to Lose | Mediaite


The word, ‘Slave’ is modern in origin, is not ancient!

This guy sounds hella brilliant.

Taj Tarik Bey

of the
Moors Order
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The Human Family (collectively) is identified and known by ‘Nationalities’ and pedigree names – not by crayon colors. This deep sign of mental ignorance was promoted by Inquisitionists to denationalize the rightful Heirs and Inheritors of the Land (America / Al Moroc). However, the Europeans were calling themselves ‘Red Men’ prior to the political adaptation of the political status, ‘White Men’ in the 1854 –63. This caste adaptation was initiated by Horace Greeley, a newspaper tycoon from New York. He influenced the transformation of the ‘Whiggamore (Whigs) Party’ into the ‘Republican Party’, during the establishment of the Knights of Columbus and Ku Klux Klan Oath of 1854 to 1863, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Chicago, Illinois, United States of North America. It must be further understood that the term, “Free White People” is a social caste appellation in Jurisprudence, and has nothing to do with complexion of skin.
then later…
The word, ‘Slave’ is modern in origin, having no ancient history on the planet. It is derived from the word, Slovene and Slovak. This refers to the European members of the Serbo-Croatian group of Slavonic peoples. However, contemporary Sociologists have layered the natal identity word with social / political connotative meanings. The contemporary word, ‘slave’ has been placed retroactively in history, and assigned to those held to forced servitude. Yet, it must be noted that this word is not ancient!

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CrimethInc. : Fuck Abuse, Kill Power : Addressing the Root Causes of Sexual Harassment and Assault

Of the men whose behavior is finally coming to light, it was no secret that many of them were abusers. Nothing is different now except that corporations have taken a bit more notice. Corporate media outlets have published women’s accounts; some corporations have fired rapists if what they have done is deemed egregious enough. Should we be grateful to corporations for firing serial sexual predators once enough accusations pile up that it becomes a problem for their brand?

These corporations are just plugging the oil leak that finally made the news. But who creates and maintains this pipeline? They do. Let’s not pat them on the back for solving a problem that they caused.

Most of these companies have known about these accusations for years without doing anything. Worse, they’ve allowed these men to rise up the ranks of power to the point that their serial abuse warrants national news attention. In other words, these corporations have facilitated these men’s behavior by giving them additional opportunities with which to harass, assault, and rape women. For every Harvey Weinstein whose actions are finally made public, there is another Harvey Weinstein who gets away with serial assault thanks to the assistance of the institution that gives him power.

Source: CrimethInc. : Fuck Abuse, Kill Power : Addressing the Root Causes of Sexual Harassment and Assault

Three Sisters Camp Digs in to Resist the Atlantic Coast Pipeline – It’s Going Down

The following video announces the start of a public campaign against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline in so-called Virginia. The video communique reads: Greetings, from so-called Virginia. The unholy and hated corporate leviathan known as Dominion Energy has begun felling trees for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, a project poised to cross hundreds of rivers and streams…

Source: Three Sisters Camp Digs in to Resist the Atlantic Coast Pipeline – It’s Going Down

This Map Shows Over a Century of Documented Lynchings in the United States · Smithsonian Magazine

People who identify as a white are claiming a history of genocide, exploitation and the most horrible form of slavery ever invented in history. How can idiots like this defend the white mans heritage? It’s a skin color that you’re claiming? or is it this odious history of oppression of humans. There is no white culture or heritage outside of the racism that corrupts everything it touches

Source: This Map Shows Over a Century of Documented Lynchings in the United States · Smithsonian Magazine · Disqus

Bohdan Stashynsky – Wikipedia

In 1961, Inge returned to East Berlin to give birth to their son, Peter, but Stashynsky was unable to visit them. In August, Peter suddenly developed a fever and died at four months old. The KGB relented after the family tragedy and allowed him to travel to East Berlin for the baby’s funeral. Against KGB orders, Stashynsky took his Joseph Lehmann identity card with him to Germany, as well as other documents that would confirm his identity as a KGB agent. On 13 August 1961, hours before their son’s funeral, Stashynsky and his wife fled on foot from her parent’s home in Dallgow, walking to the town of Falkensee to avoid any KGB agents that would intercept them at the Dallgow train station. They took a taxi to East Berlin, where he used the Lehmann identity card at a checkpoint. They then traveled to West Berlin via train, where he defected to U.S. officials at a police station.

The CIA was suspicious of Stashynsky, who was flown to Frankfurt for interrogation, and dubious of his claims that he had assassinated Rebet and Bandera. The CIA was unaware that Rebet had been murdered, and Stashynsky’s account of his assassination of Bandera was inconsistent with what the U.S. knew of his death. The CIA had concluded that Bandera had been poisoned by someone close to him, and Stashynsky’s claim of shooting him with a poison spray gun seemed farfetched. They concluded that Stashynsky “would not be valuable operationally as a double agent, that he was not a bona fide defector and the individual he purported to be.”

After three weeks, the CIA – believing Stashynsky to be useless – handed him over to West German authorities, which now began to investigate him for the two murders. At first the West German police were also suspicious of his stories, but after interrogation and visits to the two murder sites, where Stashynsky re-enacted the killings, authorities determined that Stashynsky was telling the truth.

After Stashynsky’s defection, the Soviet government tried to avert negative exposure. On 13 October 1961, the Soviet Union arranged a press conference in East Berlin where Soviet secret service agent Stefan Lippolz blamed the murder on the cashier of Bandera’s own organization, Dmytro Myskiv, who had since died. But it was established that Dmytro Myskiv was not in Munich when Bandera was assassinated but was in Rome at the time.

Stashynsky was put on trial for the two murders in October 1962, and sentenced to eight years in prison. Explaining what motivated him to kill Rebet, Stashynsky told a court that he had been told that Rebet was “the leading theorist of the Ukrainians in exile,” since “in his newspapers Suchasna Ukrayina (Contemporary Ukraine), Chas (Time), and Ukrayinska Trybuna (Ukrainian Tribune) he not so much provided accounts of daily events as developed primarily ideological issues.”

Source: Bohdan Stashynsky – Wikipedia

The reality of neo-Nazis in Ukraine is far from Kremlin propaganda | TheHill

Hurling sinister accusations against an African-American lawmaker for voting to prevent U.S. armed forces from aiding a neo-Nazi battalion is a bit strange. Maybe Russia snookered Conyers. Maybe Russia also snookered him into cofounding the Congressional Black Caucus. Or maybe he’s just not a fan of arming white supremacist paramilitaries. We could wager he’d be against arming Richard Spencer’s followers, too.

The odious Russian media tried to paint Ukraine as a land of Nazis, though that is patently wrong. Ukraine has a thriving Jewish community, and its far-right is still on the fringe. It’s the same in America. Yet, despite the fact that only a tiny percentage of Americans are neo-Nazis, our pundits and politicians didn’t mince words condemning the Charlottesville march.

Source: The reality of neo-Nazis in Ukraine is far from Kremlin propaganda | TheHill