Track 1 Sex Pistols – God Save The Queen (Virgin) Eddy Current Suppression Ring – Get Up Morning (Goner) Pulses – Factory (Dirtnap) Fuses – At Least You’re Getting Paid (American Punk) Sleaford Mods – Jobseeker (Ipecac) Macho Boys – Class Of 1984 (Neck Chop) S-21 – Thirst For Violence (World Gone Mad/Slugsalt) In School […]


Anti-Fascism Has Arrived: Here’s Where It Needs to Go – It’s Going Down

Corporate Media Back the FascistsThe Washington Post titled their coverage of Sunday’s demonstration “Black-clad antifa members attack peaceful right-wing demonstrators in Berkeley.” It is not surprising when Fox News publishes barefaced propaganda describing the organizer of far-right demonstrations that have included at least one fascist murderer as a “prayer activist,” but it is more unsettling […]

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Pirates Without a Ship | East Bay Express

Log in / Create Account July 27, 2005 News & Opinion » NewsPirates Without a Ship Hounded by the FCC, trumped by technology, stung by public apathy, the illegal micropower radio movement struggles for relevance.By Stefanie KalemEmailPrintSTEFANIE KALEM – Berkeley Liberation Radio considers its future. Stefanie Kalem Berkeley Liberation Radio considers its future.Berkeley Liberation Radio, […]

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W5YI :

FCC clamps down on pirate radio In the USA pirate radio is frequently associated with the belief that governmental spectrum regulatory schemes favor the interests of large corporations which can afford the high licensing costs. Pirate broadcasters consider their transmissions to be a challenge to that authority.Part 15 of the FCC rules allows the use […]

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