Assata Shakur Speaks!

Source: Assata Shakur Speaks! Assata Shakur: The government’s terrorist is our community’s heroine by Mos Def Early in May, the federal government issued a statement in which they labeled Joanne Chesimard, known to most in the Black community as Assata Shakur, as a domestic terrorist. In so doing, they also increased the bounty on her […]

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Famine-Genocide of 1932–3

The Holodomor caused an extremely high mortality rate; in some regions it reached 20 to 25 percent of the population. Some villages in Poltava oblast, Kharkiv oblast, and Kyiv oblast were completely deserted by the spring of 1933. Most of their inhabitants perished, but some did manage to escape. In the fall of 1933 the […]

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Ukrainian Austrian internment – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Ukrainian Austrian internment was part of the confinement of enemy aliens in Austria during World War I. Central Camp Talerhof (German: Thalerhof) was a concentration camp operated by the Austro-Hungarian imperial government between 1914 and 1917 in the Austrian state of Styria. Central Camp Talerhof 1914-1917 Over twenty thousand Ukrainian Moscophiles were arrested and […]

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Ukrainian Canadian internment – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Many of these internees were used for forced labour in internment camps.[5] Conditions at the camps varied, and the Castle Mountain Internment Camp[6] – where labour contributed to the creation of Banff National Park[7] – was considered exceptionally harsh and abusive.[8] The internment continued for two more years after the war had ended, although most […]

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