No racism, no homophobia, no sexism

What does the mission mean?
Does it mean that there are certain lyrics that shouldn’t be played?
For each of us, it is probably a different genre from which we might choose our songs. If you play a lot of hip hop, you really should address the idea of using bitch to describe women and nigga to describe men.
My attitude is that the youth have their own unspoken reasons for using language that is insulting to me and I try to just put it down to youth. Like we would use vulgar language that was slang in my youth and my parents’ generation weren’t supposed to like it, in fact, better they didn’t.
The words have historical context though. Words of the white man that he hammered into all our heads so we internalized the oppressor’s image of what we should be. Stereotypes are what they call it now and you even have to qualify it anyway, harmful stereotypes.
When you assume a person is going to act out in a certain way, sometimes you can bring on that behavior just with your expectation.
Walking the streets of Oakland, make eye contact, smile back at people, behave as if you belong, that’s the way to safely navigate hunting grounds. It’s worked for me. On the streets is where I’m safe. The streets is where people who barely know me will intercede on my behalf. You act like the people out here are going to be fair-minded and reliable, because for the most part, they are.
Living on the street can teach you how to be reliable in a different way, not just during business hours, or 6 o’clock sharp every evening, but 24/7.
On the other hand, a prejudiced person who expects people to treat him unfairly, maybe a white dude who fucked off all the opportunities handed to him his whole life, that guy comes to our block and doesn’t realize we aren’t judging him, he’s doing that himself, saying please rob me and take the reparations for the oppression this country and people who look like me,have perpetrated.


Requesting Books? :: Prisoners Literature Project

For those of you engaged in correspondence, make sure your comrade knows about this!

At the bottom is an old flier for this group’s fundraiser

How To Request Books

If you know a U.S. prisoner who’d like to request books from the Prisoners Literature Project, here’s all the info they’ll need:

Mail all book requests to:
Prisoners Literature Project
c/o Bound Together Books
1369 Haight St.
San Francisco, CA 94117

We only accept book requests by mail. Because we want to help as many prisoners as possible, please limit your requests to once a year, and share the books with friends after you’ve read them. And be sure to check out these ordering guidelines:

— Please be patient. We are all volunteers, and generally two to four months behind in responding to your requests. Take this time into account if you’re going to be transferred or paroled, etc.

— Let us know your prison’s book restrictions. Is there a maximum amount of books they allow to be shipped at one time? Do they allow used books, or new only? Are hardcovers OK, or do they only accept paperbacks?

— Just list the subjects or types of books you’re interested in. Our books are donated, and change every week — so the more choices you give us, the easier it will be for us to find a good match for your requests. Though we cannot find specific books or authors, we do our very best to send you something close to what you ask for.

— Please write clearly — especially your name, ID number, and address. Include all this info on both the envelope and in your letter.

— We don’t offer legal advice, and we don’t have a pen pal service. We don’t send books to Texas; if you’re incarcerated there, contact the Inside Books Project in Austin.

IMPORTANT: We do NOT have the following kinds of books: law books and legal guides; romances; horror; Bibles and Christian literature.

We have very few thrillers, mysteries, westerns, and sci-fi novels. If you request any of these kinds of books, be sure to request other kinds, as well.

Source: Requesting Books? :: Prisoners Literature Project14525042_1601145626853258_1528868206772243687_o-1

Neo-Nazis Exploit Oakland’s Tragedy to Target Activist Hubs and DIY Venues Nationwide

O. there is no way this tactic could stop us. Can’t you just see us organizing on the street corners and in homeless shelters, maybe city hall because we are ALL made homeless by the fascists? In fact, if public housing gets any more shut down, I might just have to invade one o those empty mansions.

“These places are open hotbeds of liberal radicalism and degeneracy and now YOU can stop them by reporting all such places you may be or may become aware of to the authorities, specifically the local fire marshel [sic],” the poster wrote. “Watch them and follow them to their hives. Infiltrate social circles, go to parties/events, record evidence and report it. We’ve got them on the run but now we must crush their nests before they can regroup!”The original 4chan thread has since been archived, but the discussions have moved to other anonymous message boards including 8chan and Discord.

The threads are filled with racial slurs, Nazi-related memes, lists of DIY spaces across the country and advice from posters about just how to target them. One poster emphasized that, “Fate has presented us this opportunity to strike the left at its core and destabilise [sic] them.”The posters refer to their new campaign as the “Right Wing Safety Squad,” using “SS” for short, in an apparent reference to Hitler’s Schutzstaffel paramilitary force. Many memes are also tagged with the acronym “MASA,” or “Make America Safe Again.”

Source: Neo-Nazis Exploit Oakland’s Tragedy to Target Activist Hubs and DIY Venues Nationwide

2 Investigates: Oakland housing activists charged with criminal conspiracy and trespassing – Story | KTVU

A housing rights activist featured in a 2 Investigates report is facing felony charges in Alameda County for attempting to acquire an Oakland woman’s house through a little-known law called adverse possession.

Source: 2 Investigates: Oakland housing activists charged with criminal conspiracy and trespassing – Story | KTVU

Drones in the headlines: Setting the record straight | Muckrock

“Customs and Border Protection drones and the Los Angeles manhunt UK tabloid The Daily Express was the first to report that UAVs would be used to track down Christopher Dorner, writing that the ex-LAPD man was to be the “first human target for remotely-controlled airborne drones on U.S. soil.” A number of American outlets uncritically echoed the “first human target” claim, with msnNOW reporting, “It’s official: The drone war has come home to America.”

via Drones in the headlines: Setting the record straight | Muckrock.

tumblr_mfzj8nbUbt1r5reoyo1_1280I despise these drone strikes because the use of robots to carry out lethal covert missions abdicates human accountability. Children, civilians, wrongly identified threats, legitimate political adversaries of war crime are killed along with enemy combatants as part of the strikes. Battlegrounds and warfare should not extend to every corner of the earth. Being at war with US foreign policy is not unusual globally nor is it ever without provocation. It is the equivalent of an enemy following you home from the battlefield. From a purely military analysis, people within proximity to enemy troops are merely collateral damage in the normal course of every war.

Battlefields used to be places a person could come home from. After a period of time engaged with military resistance to US occupation forces, a targeted individual could plan to spend time at a family gathering. So now instead of leave away from the front lines, the drones come and kill not only him (someone defending his home by participating in military muster against invasion forces in perpetual war against a variety of perceived security threat) but also his family.

No one is safe should they be noticed by the US intelligence industry as a threat to, not the territories of the US but really a threat only to American financial interests for intents, perhaps some arbitrary diplomatic allegiance might also be threatened by these enemy combatants who are targeted.

After all, you can’t invade a country, place the population under occupation, suspend the authority of local law and  representative leadership, yet still regard the fighters defending their hometowns as terrorists, right? That would be like breaking in somebody’s house and claiming self-defense when you shoot them for asking you to leave.

“The headline, which msnNOW changed two days later, here is wrong on three counts. First is the factual issue of CBP support to the search for Dorner. Parker Higgins, an activist at Drone Census partner the Electronic Frontier Foundation, suggested early on that this was a “massive drone hoax,” questioning the Express article’s dubious sourcing and suspicious absence of corroboration. Mashable confirmed with Border Protection officials that “CBP UAS [unmanned aerial systems] are not flying in support of the search.” [Update: msnNOW revised its article on February 11, removing the “drone war” sentence and changing its headline to “Report: Fugitive alleged killer is target of police drone” while continuing to cite the Express as an authoritative source. Gizmodo’s article and headline remain unrevised.]

Beyond the first-order factual hurdle, this would not even be the first time that Border Protection UAVs have been used for local law enforcement investigations. That honor goes to a June 2011 incident in North Dakota, in which a CBP drone was called in by the Grand Forks Police Department during an armed standoff to pinpoint a suspect’s location on his farm. That case is currently making its way through appeals. The Department of Homeland Security has lent its UAVs to local police on several occasions since.”


squirrels learningThe FOIA request itself should include:

Your name and contact information, including both your preferred method of contact and your preferred records medium (i.e., paper through standard mail, electronic files via email, electronic files via CD, etc.).

A description of the records you are seeking. The only requirement is that you “reasonably describe” the records. Basically, this means that you must give enough information that an agency employee familiar with the subject would be able to find the records without an undue amount of searching.

The maximum records/reproduction fee you are willing to pay. You should indicate that you want to be contacted beforehand if the fees are going to exceed this amount.

via FOIA How To | Electronic Frontier Foundation.