What does the mission mean?
Does it mean that there are certain lyrics that shouldn’t be played?
For each of us, it is probably a different genre from which we might choose our songs. If you play a lot of hip hop, you really should address the idea of using bitch to describe women and nigga to describe men.
My attitude is that the youth have their own unspoken reasons for using language that is insulting to me and I try to just put it down to youth. Like we would use vulgar language that was slang in my youth and my parents’ generation weren’t supposed to like it, in fact, better they didn’t.
The words have historical context though. Words of the white man that he hammered into all our heads so we internalized the oppressor’s image of what we should be. Stereotypes are what they call it now and you even have to qualify it anyway, harmful stereotypes.
When you assume a person is going to act out in a certain way, sometimes you can bring on that behavior just with your expectation.
Walking the streets of Oakland, make eye contact, smile back at people, behave as if you belong, that’s the way to safely navigate hunting grounds. It’s worked for me. On the streets is where I’m safe. The streets is where people who barely know me will intercede on my behalf. You act like the people out here are going to be fair-minded and reliable, because for the most part, they are.
Living on the street can teach you how to be reliable in a different way, not just during business hours, or 6 o’clock sharp every evening, but 24/7.
On the other hand, a prejudiced person who expects people to treat him unfairly, maybe a white dude who fucked off all the opportunities handed to him his whole life, that guy comes to our block and doesn’t realize we aren’t judging him, he’s doing that himself, saying please rob me and take the reparations for the oppression this country and people who look like me,have perpetrated.


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