Here’s another east bay express letter that gives me a toothache. The people of the east bay really care about our neighbors, they do.

‘Homeless Lives Matter Too??’: People Sleeping On Oakland’s Streets Still Waiting For Government Response To Growing East Bay Crisis” by Gabrielle Canon, News, May 25: Evict Wealthy Residents

In my opinion, this article is dangerous and has a gaping hole in its reporting. Unless I’m missing something, the only source you quote about fixing the housing issue is a YIMBY, a.k.a. the “liberal” Bay Area equivalent of the alt-right. More housing is not a blanket solution to our problem. I don’t have statistics, but I’m fairly certain we have more housing now than we did in, say, 2008. Yet there are many more people who are going without that basic right. We could cover every square inch of Oakland with skyscrapers full of housing and all that would happen is that more techies from San Jose would move in and pay $3,200 a month.What we need is affordable housing that prioritizes long-term residents. Instead of evicting low-income residents to convert apartments to market rate, we should evict wealthy residents to convert units to affordable housing.     Emily Wheeler from Facebook

Source: Letters of the week: The Homeless Issue in Oakland was a Hot Topic Among our Readers | East Bay Express


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