I love this idea. Everybody’s happy.  It would help prevent isolation of the mentally ill, too. We need to ensure that our neighbors KNOW we care.

Allow Homeless Campers In Your Backyard

Could the YIMBY concept be more literally applied? What if Oakland homeowners were offered payment if they allow one homeless person (or couple) to pitch a tent in their secure backyard? There they could have access to water, a garbage can, and a portable toilet or access to a restroom. This would spread homeless people throughout the community, get them off of the sidewalk and street, and provide them with some privacy and dignity. I am sure some of you will make a snarky comment about this idea, but think about it: Is it any worse than the other Band Aid approaches considered by the city? This would not be for mentally ill or addicted people, but for those who are more stable and still lacking shelter. It could also serve those who have pets, who resist traditional shelters because they cannot keep their animals. Taking it a step further, what about allowing car dwellers to park in unused, detached garages, or in driveways?

Carol Ann Parker    from Facebook

Source: Letters of the week: The Homeless Issue in Oakland was a Hot Topic Among our Readers | East Bay Express


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