Sunday 8:30am Waking Up: Freeing Ourselves From Work
DJ Raven`
Conversations about how to design a world that works for us, instead of the other way around
Waking Up: Freeing Ourselves from Work
Sundays with DJ Raven at 8:30am
Ourselves From Work with The Raven The central theme of this show is that we are here to be big to grow into our biggest selves every single one of us globally and that our doing this advances human-ness
But our doing this is unceasingly thwarted by the global system of class.
We will be considering in what ways this project of continuous growth that we are born with that our bodies urge us to in countless ways faces resistance
What are the retarding blocks and obstacles of class of the power-guys (the current version of which being the global-state-statesmen) retarding the growth of our humanness?
And how does this substitution (of our bodies agenda for powers) happen?
How does our bodies urging gets hijacked?
The answer we’ve discovered is by means of a con of limited duration – limited because we ultimately grow beyond them ultimately but a lot of death and suffering has been happening between these times and we are living in the time when the suffering and schemes for killing us must stop – the con that hijacks us is the one delivered by our parents that tells us that human-ness is advanced by our serving bigger projects than us the specific bigger project varies across class-time is modified and adjusted by the power-guys as our restlessness stretches our understanding expands but as class is totalitarian whatever project we are told to sacrifice our selves to is an aspect of the global-state – How do we get our authentic selves back get unleashed and establish a global society based on opposite (to class) operating premises is the broad question we are asking.
All of us tend toward our earth-allegiance tend toward growth – continuous wholistic and free – free of coercion.
Coercion we are arguing is absolutely unnecessary the progress of our human-ness is what our bodies want.


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