Yesterday, news broke that the CHP is urging the DA to charge 106 individuals with 514 misdemeanors and 62 felonies over the shutdown of the white nationalist rally at the state capitol nearly a year ago. This development, while alarming to many, should come as no surprise. If anything, it is just another clear indicator that the state is the enemy of radical movements and of the people, and that the police are not to be trusted or given any information for the sake of our collective safety and freedom. In the days to come, we will be publishing an in-depth and comprehensive guide to state repression and how to best prepare for and protect yourself from it. For now, here are some key things to remember:

Don’t panic

In times like these, the importance of staying calm and grounded cannot be understated. We must respond to state repression, not react to it. It is important to be aware of the the negative impact that poorly thought out actions can have on yourself, your friends, and your community. Be aware of the ways you are communicating and using social media. Often, the state publicizes concerning information in the hopes that individuals will panic and succumb to poor judgement. Instead, the best course of action is to prepare ourselves as much as possible and build strong support networks.

Support one another

Facing state repression, especially of this magnitude, can be a huge stressor for everyone affected. Now is the time to offer support to your friends and comrades, and reach out for support from them if you are feeling overwhelmed or alone. State repression is an effective tool that can destroy movements through intimidation and isolation. Instead of succumbing to these feelings, we must lean inward towards our communities, strengthening bonds and building effective support and anti-repression strategies. The state is a formidable threat, but we are stronger against it when we are united.

Zero Cooperation

At this point, it is inevitable that arrests will be made and charges will be pressed in the near future. It is essential that anyone anticipating this kind of repression take a stance of zero cooperation with the state. As we know all too well, the criminal justice system has nothing to do with actual justice. Cooperating by way of plea deal, sharing information with law enforcement, or incriminating others can only hurt you and your community. We must refuse to throw others under the bus, no matter what the state promises. To do otherwise would be to strengthen the state’s power against us, and the potential damage that it can do to our movements and our livelihoods.

If you anticipate state repression, please take some time this week to memorize the National Lawyers Guild phone number.

If you are contacted or detained, call this number so that you can begin to receive support, legal and otherwise.

(915) 500-4654


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