Once called a “corridor of violence,” Alcatraz Ave. is now home to a cupcake shop, yoga studios, and a farmers’ market. We caught up with neighbors to talk about their lives, the recent change and how we might endeavor to “do it better.”

Source: Greetings from Alcatraz Ave: Meet Father Aidan McAleenan


I’ve seen the change quite dramatically. A lot of this building work [across the street] is new. The guy who owns [our] block, he says, “Father, we’re gonna stop this, aren’t we?” And I says, “No, we’re not.” He says, “Father, they’re gonna sell liquor.” I says, “It’s wine and beer and I’m Irish. What do you want? I want to be able to go out. I live here alone.” So they’ve ended up opening. And they’ve flourished. And it’s really wonderful.



One thought on “Greetings from Alcatraz Ave: Meet Father Aidan McAleenan

  1. another quote from this article
    “This is an African-American Catholic parish so I got the artwork [for the front doors] from West Africa. People were just blown away. We’re probably the only Catholic church in America that has a black Jesus. People love coming in and seeing a church that looks like them.”

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