O. there is no way this tactic could stop us. Can’t you just see us organizing on the street corners and in homeless shelters, maybe city hall because we are ALL made homeless by the fascists? In fact, if public housing gets any more shut down, I might just have to invade one o those empty mansions.

“These places are open hotbeds of liberal radicalism and degeneracy and now YOU can stop them by reporting all such places you may be or may become aware of to the authorities, specifically the local fire marshel [sic],” the poster wrote. “Watch them and follow them to their hives. Infiltrate social circles, go to parties/events, record evidence and report it. We’ve got them on the run but now we must crush their nests before they can regroup!”The original 4chan thread has since been archived, but the discussions have moved to other anonymous message boards including 8chan and Discord.

The threads are filled with racial slurs, Nazi-related memes, lists of DIY spaces across the country and advice from posters about just how to target them. One poster emphasized that, “Fate has presented us this opportunity to strike the left at its core and destabilise [sic] them.”The posters refer to their new campaign as the “Right Wing Safety Squad,” using “SS” for short, in an apparent reference to Hitler’s Schutzstaffel paramilitary force. Many memes are also tagged with the acronym “MASA,” or “Make America Safe Again.”

Source: Neo-Nazis Exploit Oakland’s Tragedy to Target Activist Hubs and DIY Venues Nationwide


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