If the euromaidan had demanded nationalization of formerly state-owned wealth, that would have alienated the EU. That would certainly alienate moscow right? The shares of industries, that were sold as a means to create cash flow privatization when the Soviet Union initially failed, become all but worthless when Putin has the authority to assign control of those industries to his cronies.

Reform agenda-setters: government, civil society, and the West


In an ideal world, citizens form policy agendas and elected officials implement policies to further these agendas. In practice, the political and economic elites that control the media are often able to impose their agenda on the public. In Ukraine, for example, a third of the population say they want to nationalise oligarchs’ property. However, media channels – in most cases owned by the very same oligarchs – avoid the topic.

Source: Do Ukrainians want reform? -Euromaidan Press |


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