Darin rocking some future thought over here from the relative safety of TNG archetypes. I remember working on urban farms and being distressed and in denial about the condition of the soil. Terraform the East Bay Todayenvirnoment_smog-300x200

Using my Star Trek Online meme as the main character, I have once again furthered the causality of all things Klingon in the name of the Glory of their Revolution[s]. My considerations on political science and activism have expanded in that outside

After the Khittomer accords Klingons began cultivating bio-mass from Khittomer to Terran, and other Federation worlds as well as our own. Khittomer is a harsh world with a primeval bio-mass, however it was at that time considered critical to create a multi-platform of eco-synthesis. As a result of that and other similar forms of eco-integration, Earth had a shorter “neutral-phase,” no means however the shortest, neither will that be true of Qo’Nos.

Klingons are known by the trails of blood behind their wake. 

Source: Klingaformation: Klingon permaculture; a phenomenology. | Darin Bauer – Academia.edu


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