I just fell into that trap again. At least this time I didnt mention the mass migrations or the Holodomor. I can’t spell it without spellcheck btw. This nice enough antifa fella is probably going to look at my blog and notice the posts about it tho.


I left a comment on his blog because he had posted an article about “fascists” in ukraine. I am very strongly and passionately opposed to fascism. You could say its the only part of my political consciousness which is never situational. It’s the only thing I have in my life that you could call religious.

I’m so concerned with fascism creeping into my community. I notice when the white power guys try to be cool with us here in the bay. They claim they are reformed, no longer racist. Who knows? They are still died-in-the-brain fascists even if they claim to have moved past racism. I feel quietly broken-hearted when when fascists are parading anywhere unchallenged.

I am a pacifist for many reasons. I’m against war. But these assholes come in and try to flim-flam the youth, and damage the image of my scene so that people look at how I dress, how I wear my hair, the music I love, and associate it with nazis. That shit makes me homicidal. Its lucky for him that asshole a few years ago, coming at us with “national anarchism” being coalescing force in the bay, lucky he was online and I don’t know what he looks like.

Point is, my heritage is of a country which has longed for self-rule and freedom from occupation for centuries. Ukraine has never been free. Ukrainians left ukraine because of the oppression of the toilers. The worker was always put above our toilers. Feudalism in practice under the soviet union, not for all soviets, just for ukraine.

Yeah so primordial ties, prejudice against another nationalist group, bits and scraps of hate speech for the same reason you tragically hear it all over europe. I wish the ukrainians were united in their rejection of nationalism. I wish the same for all ethnic groups. It’s just so widespread, that feeling of being oppressed because of your nationality or your identity politics, so silly. Ukraine, let go of the arguments about the past and move forward for prosperity for the people, for power to the people.

Ukraine, your russian brothers and sisters don’t understand your perspective of the injustices of the past. How can collectively blame the russian people when you know they were lied to as well about how the the food got from the farms to moscow.

Anyway, all people free yourselves now. Free yourself from xenophobia or prejudice or whatever. Now is the time to include all the brothers and sisters in solidarity and cooperation. Strife is just a waste.


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