Former Chief Deputy Sheriff Vicki Hennessy
Vicki Hennessy and incumbent Ross Mirkarimi , candidates for the San Francisco County Sheriff’s position take part in a debate with the San Francisco Chronicle editorial board October 1, 2015

Former sheriff’s deputy Scott Neu was charged with 17 felony and misdemeanor charges in connection with the alleged fights, while current sheriff’s deputies Eugene Jones and Clifford Chiba face five felony and misdemeanor charges, and three misdemeanor counts, respectively. The charges range from assault by an officer under color of authority to cruel and unusual punishment of prisoner.

Neu was fired by the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department, said Eileen Hirst, chief of staff for newly elected Hennessy. Jones and Chiba, meanwhile, remain in positions with no prisoner contact.

There were prisoners forced  to box at the SF jail, against their will? My initial reaction to this story is that the entire jail must be complicit. It certainly isn’t the type of activity that one could organize covertly. The prisoners complained about being forced to box at the pleasure of just these 3 deputies? I hope we get to hear some testimonies from prisoners who have had their sentences shortened due to this scandal.

We know in our hearts that prisoners, at the mercy of the injustice system, are being subjected to horrid and dehumanizing torture-like treatment. On the daily, prisoners are getting beaten by the screws, raped, starved, and deprived of their basic humanity. The reality is prisoners are subjected to imaginative levels of unusual cruelty with acquiescence by the public thus one barely hears anything of prison conditions in the mainstream press. These indictments draw a somewhat arbitrary line here, no?

Of course, throw the book at these fascists. Know too that this is ridiculously obvious obfuscation of the systemic problem we have on a daily basis for the majority of prisoners.

Source: SF jail accountability remains in question after ‘gladiator’ fights charges announced – The San Francisco Examiner


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