Need I mention that black bloc is not an activity club of some kind? It has been a tactic to add economic consequences to the outcome of oppression. The tactic would become a security risk if it ever attracted any membership. It has to be improvised, unplanned by design, otherwise backlash against uninvolved people begins cropping up in dragnets.
There are myriad reasons why Black bloc-ing isn’t what the authorities say it is. Many protestors return to scene of the tactic and clean up after their own actions.

From mainstream press:

Eighteen suspects accused of belonging a group of protesters known as the Black Bloc were arrested on Thursday, and at least one is accused of ties with Israel, said the prosecutor general’s office.

The Black Bloc is a previously unknown group that began appearing at demonstrations marking the anniversary of the 25 January revolution last week.

One suspect was arrested in a building on Tahrir Square, and allegedly was in possession of maps and documents pertaining to vital institutions in Cairo, including banks and oil companies, claimed a statement issued by the prosecutor’s office, as reported in state-run news agency MENA.

The prosecution claimed that the map in question was Israeli-made, although he did not elaborate on how the authorities knew that it was Israeli in origin.

AFP quoted Israeli foreign ministry spokesperson Yigal Palmor saying he had no idea whether or not the Black Bloc member intended to carry out a plan of sabotage, but the claim of Israeli involvement was “utter nonsense.”

Another individual was arrested in Mahalla while allegedly negotiating a deal with a garment factory owner to manufacture the black masks and outfits worn by Black Bloc protesters, alleged the prosecution.

The Mahalla suspect may have been attempting to recruit university students and youth to join the group, Yassin claimed, alleging that a number of students had testified that the suspect invited them to join the Black Bloc.

Orders have been given to the police and army officers to immediately arrest anyone in a Black Bloc mask.

Dozens protest in solidarity with Black Bloc; four alleged members arrested

Dozens protested at the High Court in downtown Cairo Wednesday [30.1.13] to reject the prosecutor general’s decision to arrest members of the Black Bloc group on charges of terrorism.

Prosecutor General Talaat Abdallah ordered Tuesday the arrest of all members of the group, as well as whoever joins or puts on their uniform, claiming the group performs “terrorist” actions.

Security forces arrested four masked people whom they said were Black Bloc members, while they were on their way with other demonstrators to the prosecutor general’s office to protest. Three of the suspects are being held inside the court, while the fourth was taken into a police vehicle that left to an unknown location.

Authorities meanwhile imposed high security measures around the High Court. Cairo security deployed 15 armored vehicles, as well as hundreds of Central Security Forces troops to arrest the group’s members. It also evacuated all citizens and employees from the building, fearing riots.

via 18 arrested on charges of belonging to Black Bloc (Egypt).


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