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Committee Against Political Repression

WHAT: Political Witchhunts, Then and Now: A conference on the history of
state repression of dissent in the Pacific Northwest, and on the current
wave of post-Occupy repression.

WHEN: Saturday, November 17, 2012. 2pm – 6pm. (Benefit hip-hop show to

WHERE: Black Coffee Co-op, 501 E Pine St, Seattle.

WHO: Kit Bakke (Former member SDS/Weather Underground; Author, “Dot to
Dot”); Mark Cook (former political prisoner and member, George Jackson
Brigade); Jenny Esquivel (Sacramento Prisoner Support); Kris Hermes (Grand
Jury Resistance Project); Mark Jenkins (Professor of Drama, UW Seattle;
Author, “All Powers Necessary and Convenient”); Ron Johnson (former Black
Panther Party, Seattle); Tabatha Millican (Committee Against Political
Repression, Portland); Lauren Regan (Civil Liberties Defense Center); Jeff
Siddiqui (American Muslims of Puget Sound)

WHY: One year ago, Occupy camps across the country were brutally raided in
an attempt to put an end to the latest challenge to the status quo. In…

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