I love hearing news from Ukraine. Keep fighting westernism, comrades!

Two Sequoias ALF – FAI/IRF take responsibility for bombing dog crematory (Ukraine)


However, we failed in our plan to damage or destroy the whole infrastructure: ruckus raised by the imprisoned dogs alarmed us to the presence of night-time shift that operated the facility during dark hours. Several minutes later a pack of local strays appeared. Turned out they essentially served as extra custodians, guarding imprisoned dogs from escape and whole site from sabotage. It is ironic how mankind activity reproduces the “victim-prison guard” model in animal world: strays living at the site earn their living by guarding other sentenced to death dogs.

So we agreed upon bombing crematory and proceeded with planting a gas bomb inside the oven. We did this under the lights of passing-by garbage trucks and in full view of local workers. 20 minutes later the bomb went off with a characteristic “boobooh”. This was our cleansing rite for souls of cremated dogs.

We are not experienced in blowing up crematories, nor do we have any big expectations in regard to the outcome of this attack. A terrible law aimed against stray animals is passed on the eve of the World Football Cup that will take place in Ukraine this year. We speak of the animals who didn’t choose to live in the city streets, who ended up there by human will and civilization logic of development. Well, the masques of humane animal care and “westerness” are dropped now: municipal services are expected to hunt and kill our four-legged brothers and sisters. This is a bloody cleaning in anticipation of guests from “civilized West”. And it is the same shit that has been carried out in Russia already: several years ago, for “Eurovision”.

via Two Sequoias ALF – FAI/IRF take responsibility for bombing dog crematory (Ukraine).


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