“The recordings of this incident involved an overwhelming military-type response to Occupy Oakland demonstrators,” the monitors wrote. “The fact that the leadership of both the City and the Department have found it necessary to outsource the investigations of Occupy Oakland complaints should be an alarming development in this process.”

While the monitors praised the department for acknowledging that it could not investigate all the complaints on its own, Chanin called the hiring of the Frazier Group “outrageous.”

The department’s internal affairs bureau “is much bigger than it should be. It has more investigators than homicide, and they still lack the capacity to do this investigation?” Chanin said. “That’s the strongest argument for receivership that I’ve ever heard. If they can’t do the job that they’re supposed to do, disciplining their own officers for constitutional violations, then obviously someone else needs to do that.”

via Monitors ‘Thoroughly Dismayed’ by Police Response to Occupy

Oakland – The Bay Citizen.


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