The police behave in a way that seems to testify to their own guilt.

Suddenly this allegation is released, with no way of substantiating it, seemingly as revenge against the Bluefords for demanding justice for their son. If this evidence were so clearly damning, they likely would have released it months earlier.

“First we want to know if it’s actually true,” said Dan Siegel, former legal advisor to Mayor Jean Quan and a supporter of the Justice 4 Alan Blueford campaign. “The police have already lied to the press, claiming that Alan shot at Masso, which we now know is not true. Now they leak this item to the press because they think it will help their case, but we still can’t see the police report.”

This latest action by the Oakland Police Department is yet another maneuver to avoid any accountability for the actions of Officer Miguel Masso, who should have never been hired in the first place. Masso faced brutality allegations during his previous tenure at the New York Police Department, a fact which did not stop OPD from hiring him.

via OPD continues to slander Alan Blueford in the press : Indybay.


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