We know that there have been too many officer-involved shootings. We know that statistically the police concentrate harrassment tactics on young men of color. We know that there is real concern that interactions with police could calamitous. Police should not be chasing down anyone, especially young men. This is another case of a cop shooting a kid because the kid ran from him. I don’t believe the kid pulled a tec-9 on the cop. Police, especially gang task force, carry plant guns to cover themselves after shootings.
The anarchists in the Mission that night were well-aware of the systematic racism perpetrated by police. They knew because someone was there who saw it, that a young man had been shot while attempting to flee for his life. To us, we think of these kids as people we know, in our community. If we don’t know this kid, we know hundreds like him on our blocks. The police are attacking our communities. All you fools in denial about the dangers of police, I sincerely wish you and your family the best of luck.

According to Sgt. Michael Andraychak, two plainclothes officers from the Gang Task Force were working with two probation officers at 14th and Minna when they spotted two men who they thought to be identified gang members.

One of the officers approached the men, attempting to talk to the duo. One of the guys ran off, and the chase began.

via Cop Shoots Man, Protesters Vandalize Mission Police Station – San Francisco – News – The Snitch.


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