Irritates me so much that anyone would question whether these Ohlone are really Ohlone.

You tell me, what possible advantage is there in claiming to be of a tribe that the US does not recognize? It’s white guilt and stupid liberal cynicism that somehow twists things to make it seem like advantage to be a member of a heritage once believed to be eradicated.

The first time I was arrested was 20 years ago. I didn’t know what black bloc tactics were back then. I just thought they had the same favorite color as me. I remember, one of the kids in our group, gasped, “Move to disperse. Any opposed?”

Then a second later, they were gone. I got arrested a block away. I kept asking what were the charges and the cops advised me that they weren’t required to tell me. I have since decided that they do have to tell you if they arrest you for something. They can detain you for long periods of time without pressing formal charges. They still have to tell you what they think you did.

CALL TO ACTION – Columbus Day 2012 marks the 520 year anniversary of the genocidal and ecocidal project of Empire building and colonial expansion that began with the conquistador invasion of this continent and continues to this day through the daily violence and exploitation of global capitalism.

It also marks the 20 year anniversary of the first American Black Bloc which disrupted the 1992 Columbus Day Parade in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood.

via Decolonize the New World 2012 » Saturday: Oct 6.

Ohlone people have requested the presence of supporters at the last of several key public meetings of the East Bay Regional Parks District on October 9th in Richmond. These meetings are meant to gain public input on the Park District’s long-term vision as it revises its master plan. The Park District has control over many sites that are sacred to Ohlone people. Its master plan is vague at best in its vision for some of the most sacred sites and includes no real space for native voices to be heard on how best to care for the land and their sacred places.

via Decolonize the New World 2012 » Tuesday: Oct 9.


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