There can be a concerted effort to discourage out-of-area commuters on the force. There are hiring incentives for Oakland residents. Oakland cops who live in Oakland should receive a salary bump. I am not a reformist by any means. I believe the OPD should be immediately disbanded. The whole industry has proven to be wasteful, unjust, cruel, counter-productive, and dangerous.

I mean, the concept of police is a relatively new one and every decade or so someone notices, hey, police seem to be at odds with justice, anti-democratic, and obviously corrupt. You can’t reform such a system.

Just 9 percent of Oakland’s current 644 police officers actually live in Oakland, according to data provided by OPD. Adding civilian OPD staff who also live outside of Oakland, the total number of police department employees who do not reside in the city is about 785, more than 70 percent of the department’s total workforce.

But those aren’t the only costs of having what amounts to an outsourced police department. Over the past decade, Oakland taxpayers have paid more than $58 million to settle civil lawsuits filed against police for the mistreatment of city residents — including assaults and fatal shootings. That’s more than the combined payouts of San Jose and San Francisco during the same period.via The High Costs of Outsourcing Police | Feature | Oakland, Berkeley & Bay Area News & Arts Coverage.


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