How would health care complement @ values

personal question and my rambling emotional answer

Fri, 2012-09-14 16:42

I think there would still be doctors, ambulances, nurses, medics. I fight to end animal testing. I despise pharmaceutical companies. The r & d that supposedly creates modern wonder drugs, for the most part, is snake oil, marketing, and dispassionate exploitation of markets.
Have some chemo, you’ll live an extra year, miracle of modern science!
Having been a very ill critter for the majority of my life spent awake, I resent being dependent on pharmaceutical companies for the drugs they sell me at exorbitant profit. I would rather not be dependent on a polluting, cruel, and faceless drug pusher. I would trade just about anything to be free of these harsh and unpleasant medications.
Using herbal remedies and alternative medicine hasn’t worked for me, but I understand that it would be a solution for a great many who suffer from asthma as I do.
So health care maybe wouldn’t be a system, maybe it wouldn’t be such a rarefied field. I think the biggest change would be the pharmaceutical industry. But there would be hospitals, people would still want them, would still want to organize emergency services. The formulas for drugs exist somewhere and I know a few anarchist chemists, shockingly.


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