The OPD is demanding emergency funds to comply with the court order since there was such a flood of complaints resulting from Occupy. It is unreasonable to expect a broken and useless department like OPD to investigate all the complaints made by the people of Oakland. But a few extra hundred thousand from the general fund will likely be inadequate to satisfactorily investigate the load within the 12 month state mandate.

The eight areas of core reform are as follows:

Internal Affairs Investigations: More staffing for the Internal Affairs Division, faster processing of complaints and stricter procedures for reporting of misconduct allegations

Discipline: Better documentation of complaints, a more accessible process for complaints, and consequences for consistent breaches of procedure.

Field Supervision: Closer oversight of officers’ actions by their supervisors.

Management Oversight: Increased reviews of officers’ conduct and performance, improved documentation of police-citizen contacts and use of force incidents.

Use of Force Reporting: More formal deadlines and tighter requirements on reporting incidents where force of any sort is used by a police officer

Personnel Information Management: Establishing a “Early Warning” system for officer conduct which identifies potentially problematic behavior.

Training: Additional professionalism training and higher criteria for selecting Field Training Officers, who are tasked with teaching rookie officers the ropes during their initial period on the job.

Auditing and Review Systems: Random “integrity tests” designed to ensure officers are following appropriate procedures, and to identify officers engaging in “at-risk” behavor,” the appointment of an independent monitoring team that reports to Judge Henderson, and compliance audits to ensure cooperation with the NSA.

via Explainer: Oakland Police’s court-ordered reforms | The Informant.



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