So we knew there was gonna be fallout from all those complaints. And in the end, the OPD just doubled down with their oppressive policies. When all the complaints started pouring in, the department was claiming that they did not have sufficient staff to process the paperwork alone!

I guess since they have a year to complete the investigations and they are getting extra funds from from the General Fund, we won’t know the specifics of the federalization until Winter. There is no way they can comply with the one year deadline for all of those complaints. It sounds like here that they are just putting on a half-hearted show of effort for the benefit of the Judge.

Here’s some of the good bits and the link to the report on Scribd

……The City executed five contracts to conduct administrative misconduct investigations related to Occupy Oakland; each contract was for a not to exceed amount of $100,000. Each firm was assigned cases prior to a comprehensive analysis of the extent of services that may be required for each case. Burke Williams Sorenson, LLP, has determined that significant work is required on the originally assigned cases given their complexity and the large number of interviews required. In addition, they have agreed to investigate additional cases to increase the efficiency of the investigations. Therefore, to complete their originally assigned cases within the deadlines ordered by the Court, as well as their newly assigned cases, additional finds are needed. The City Administrator seeks Council’s authority to increase the contract with Burke Williams Sorenson, LLP in the amount of $175,000 for a total amount not to exceed $275,000.


An extraordinary number of misconduct complaints were generated from Occupy Oakland protests, marches, and general strikes. The City did not have the capacity to investigate many of the complaints within the NSA required timelines. Per recent Court Orders (dated May 1, 2012 and June 18, 2012), the City must complete them within the California Government Code 3304 deadline. As set out in the City’s plan submitted to the Court, outside investigators and law firms were hired to complete the most high profile and complex investigations. The City hired five contractors (three private investigators and two law firms) to increase the capacity needed to complete investigations stemming from Occupy Oakland activities within State mandated deadlines.


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