Set One (23:52)Image
Pussy Riot
Mau-Mau show
Upcoming Event Announcements
Dragonmaster – Radio Gaga
Robo Rats
Circle Jerks with Debbie Gibson – Wanna Destroy You
Circle Jerks – Wanna Destroy You
Agent Orange – Everything Turns Grey

Set Two  (27:52)
They Might Be Giants – Streets of SF
Dragonmaster – Welcome to my Dungeon
Don’t get eaten by the dragon
Skills of the thief
Dragonmaster – Bike is made of metal
Bobby Joe Ebola – Paradise

Set Three (30:39)
Bayer vs. Bees
Roseanne Barr will slap Nancy Pelosi in the face
Consistant transcendent dread
Coercing anarchists
Programmed to respect and defer to penguins

Set Four (31:09)
La Plebe – Pinces Fronteras
Fishbone – Unyielding Conditioning
Dragonmaster – Ballad of the Giving Tree
Lay Down Our Harms
Dragonmaster – Lessons from Elves
Dragonmaster – Last Unicorn
Dragonmaster – A Unicorn can do anything
The new punk rock is folk
Dragonmaster – Sowing the seeds of Love

Set Five  (21:03)
STFU – Miserable Existence
Inappropriate lessons from my new little ponies
Misfits – Dig Up Her Bones
World getting smalller, community gets harder

Set Six  (27:00)
Anaheim police
Joni Mitchell – Case of You
It’s the End of the World as We Know it – All Cops are Bastards
Dragonmaster – Wanted Dead or Alive
Dragonmaster – Every Rose has its Thorn
Dragonmaster – Lonely Street of Dreams
Dragonmaster – Road to Nowhere

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