ImageSet one

Casey Neill – Angola
Casey Neill – Riff Raff
Casey Neill – Molly
K-Jell – Struggle and Break through
Olina – To Be Completely Honest
From the Depths – Let the Black Flag Fly

Set two

Etta James – If I Can’t Have You
From the Depths – Murderers
Rage Against the Machine – Testify
David Rovics – Seize the Airwaves
Rage Against the Machine –  Know Your Enemy
Authority Zero – Madman
Clip – California Prisons
Angelic Upstarts – Police Oppression
Authorities – I Hate Cops
Authority Zero – Revolution
Class Action – Stop Making Punk Rock Suck
Severed Head of State – Cop on Fire
Siouxsie and the Banshees – Happy House
Soviettes – Land of Clear Blue Radio
Testors – Don’t Tell Me
Unseen – So Sick of You
Youth Brigade – Fight to Unite
Circle Jerks – Question Authority
Clip – OPD responds to complaints about Occupy
Citiboys – Gay’s OK
David Graeber – Charlie Rose 2006
Didjits – Goodbye Mr. Policeman
Unseen – Your failure is my Revenge
ETA – I got Problems
Clip – Sacramento plans to reject
Youth Brigade – Sound and Fury
Fucked Up – Police
Misfits – Hunting Humans
Reagan Youth – Jesus was a Communist


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