“Consider Leaving Town”

Security firms and property associations have warned Chicago businesses and residents of the danger posed by demonstrators who might “turn violent” and attack and rob decent citizens. A mailing to owners from a South Loop condominium association (901 South Plymouth Court, where my mother lived for 30 years) offers the following “Personal Safety/Security” tips for the summit period:

“Consider leaving town between May 18-22.”

“If you see something, say something.”

“Shelter-in-place: Should there be civil unrest, the best place for a resident to be is in their unit. Have supplies ready, including food and water.”

“Monitor the City’s official website for the Nato summit…www.chicagonato.org”

“Register on Alert Chicago for updates that can be e-mailed or texted to you…”

“Be aware that violent protest and property damage may result in overnight curfews and/or the calling in of additional forces such as the National Guard.”

“If possible, consider working from home on Monday the 21st.”

“Avoid Daley Plaza, the Federal Plaza, and the Federal Reserve Bank (Jackson & LaSalle).”

“If you elect to walk about the city between May 18-22, dress down. Do not wear expensive clothes or jewelry or carry purses or fancy shopping bags….”

Carry picture ID with you at all times.”

The mailing includes a flyer titled “NATO Chicago May 2012” from the Chicago-based corporation TITAN Security Group. Big Brother TITAN offers a number of “Pubic Safety Tips, “including:

“Avoid secluded, dark, or deserted areas; stay on populated, well-lit streets.”

“Avoid shortcuts through alleys”

“Be alert [to] those around you; don’t be an easy target.”

“Make eye contact with those near you; eye contact often deters an attack because you can identify the person.”

“Look around you before you use an ATM, go into a stairwell or elevator.”

“Property is not worth your life; limit amount of valuables you carry…”

“Carry handbags close to your body so they can’t easily be grabbed.”

“Carry something that can make a loud noise that can scare off possible attackers.”

“Note location of nearest hospital and/or urgent care facility”

“Review and practice building lock-down and evacuation procedures.”

via The New Military Urbanism in NATO-Occupied Chicago | The Indypendent.


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