Set One (17:23)

Black Cougar Shock Unit – Fuck Yourself
Sir Collins & the Black Diamonds – Black Panther
Gogol Bordello – Dogs Were Barking
Kool & The Gang – Get Down On It

Set Two (15:04)

Cornell West – Religion Just a Tool of Empire
NOLA Danziger bridge officer
Descendants – Sick O Me
Dixie Chicks – Landslide
Nov 5 protest – Police kettle w/no dispersal opportunity
Devotchka – This Place Is Haunted
Queers – Keep It Punk

Set Three (16:52)

Ramones – Street Fighting Man
Revolting Cocks – Do Ya Think I’m Sexy
Star Fucking Hipsters – Death or Fight
ALL – She Broke My Dick
Rocky Horror Picture Show – Science Fiction double Feature

Set Four (12:29)

Vibrators – London Girls
Aus-Rotten – They Ignore Peaceful Protest
Vacaville Police – Man in police station smashes windows
Toots & The Maytals – Take Me Home Country Roads
Tsunami Bomb – Barbie Girl
Newsclip – Arrested for filming police in Maryland
YouTube Audio – guy who filmed a police car set on fire
Sign off

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