Both the UCPD and the FBI also agreed to:

* Destroy the data they seized as part of the raid; and
* Pay a total of $100,000 in damages and attorneys’ fees caused by the raid.

“We hope that in view of this lawsuit and this favorable settlement, law enforcement will think twice before they raid other radical spaces on flimsy pretenses,” said Jesse Palmer, a long-time participant in Long Haul operations. “The raid was an abuse of power. The police refused to show Long Haul representatives a copy of the search warrant, prevented anyone from watching what they were taking during the raid, and preferred to cut locks rather than accept our offer to unlock doors. The raid was a fishing expedition and an attempt to intimidate and harass radicals undertaken by the FBI and UCPD, but as the settlement demonstrates, it was the police who broke the law. We’ve done nothing wrong.”

Radical Library/Publisher and Prison Support Group Settle Lawsuit with FBI and UC-Berkeley Police over Improper Raid | Electronic Frontier Foundation.


2 thoughts on “Long Haul wins over Improper Raid | Electronic Frontier Foundation

  1. I was under the impression that Berkeley Liberation Radio suffered from this raid. The FBI owes BLR computers with vast amounts of much valued progressive and social conscious programing.

    1. There is a really good article about it in the Slingshot newsletter. Berkeley Liberation Radio lost equipment in the raid, but they weren’t targetted by the Feds in this raid.

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