09. January 28, 2012 episode details

Set One (20:37)

Max Levine – Aren’t All Songs Political
War on Drugs – Baby Missiles
Jaya the Cat – Car Crash
Much The Same – Someday Not Soon
Nihil Baxter – Antifa Do It Again
Maya Angelou – Martin Luther King, Jr.
Andrea Pritchett – Straw Houses
Wingnut Dishwashers Union – Free and Alone

Set Two (23:54)

Global Research TV  – Vast Condemnation NDAA
Martin Luther King, Jr. – I’ve Been to the Mountaintop
Jaya the Cat – Halfway Home
Patrik Fitzgerald – Set We Free
Soggy Bottom Boys – Man of Constant Sorrow
Southland – Why Become Cops
Flip The Switch – Punk Rock Girl

Set Three (08:13)

Holy! Holy! Holy! – From the Bottom Up
Deny Everything – Situationist Sunday Matinee
Project Pat – Ain’t Goin’ Back to Jail
Squirrel Nut Zippers – Have You Had Enough?

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