08. January 21, 2012 episode details

Set One (13:16)

Beastie Boys – Pass the Mic
Millions of Dead Cops – Kill all the Cops
Talk radio – Money isn’t all that great
The Flys – Love And A Molotov Cocktail
Maddow – Coming Out
STFU – Right Wong, Dead Wrong

Set Two (19:48)

Everclear – Normal Like You
TruthOut Occupy Oakland – Federalization of OPD
Commentary on Carte Blanche
Village People  –  Go West
Bill Collins  –  Sit Down Strike
Super Troopers  – Spit in Burger
Newsclip – Riders
Fifteen  – Rainbow Connection

Set Three (20:14)

DOA – The Enemy
Choking Victim
Johnny Cash  –  Got Stripes
Rubber City Rebels – Don’t Wanna Be a Punk No More
Heavy Metal – Burning’s Too Good for Him
AC/DC – Jailbreak
Pump Up the Volume – One Inch Away

Set Four (33:01)

Kansas – Carry on Wayward Son
Eddie Haskells – 41st and Broadway
Immortal Technique – Fuck Tha Government

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