Set One (23:38)

Frenzal Rhomb – Sesame Street
Clip – Asthma Patients Welcome Upcoming Rains
Evan Greer – Never Surrender
John Russo
Misfits – Dig Up Her Bones
Oakland Riders History -2
OK, so that started out with John Russo who is the old city attorney promising Oaklanders via YouTube that the OPD will be able to comply with the consent decree by January 2010
This clip from John Russo is actually from February 2009, three years old. Two years after Russo’s estimate, they still haven’t completed the compliance with the consent decree at this point. So, after that, we heard Dig Up Her Bones by the Misfits. Then, some information about the recent history of Oakland. Some of the problems with the police, the recent protests
Foster Fries – Aspirin contraception
At first, I wasn’t even able to laugh at him. I wasn’t able to laugh at him, to see the buffoonery because it seemed so serious and so intentional. Can you imagine the Handmaid’s Tale we’d all be dealing with if these people got control of a police state?
Bullshit Newsclip from the night of
Hayes – Prison Rape February 4, 2012
Frenzal Rhomb – (That’s) Just Not Legal

Set Two (38:59)

Minor Vandalism
The minor vandalism we’ve seen as resistance to police repression in Oakland is nothing compared to the amount of unwanted sensory input flooding our senses from ads pervading every aspect of public life. And privileged casual observers think vandalism is violence.
Futurama – ads
Hayes – Organic Garden
Human League –  Sound Of The Crowd
Amber AntGad – Women of Occupy November 2011
Uptones – Radiation Boy
newsclip – 2 new Oak Chiefs
Occupy Response
Frenzal Rhomb – Who’d Be a Cop
Oakland Riders History – 1
Malcolm X – You Have Been Brainwashed
Cowboy Dynamite – Police Station

Set Three (25:27)

Spinal Tap – Big Bottom – live
Oakland Riders History -1
Nick Lowe- I love the sound of broken glass
Shake talking to media
Graeber – Debt
Hayes – Ramarly Grant NYPD shooting
Adrenicide – All Went Black
Anti-Flag – The Economy is Suffering
BLR mission
Ataris – The Radio Still Sucks
Hayes – Prisoners Dilemma
Star Fucking Hipsters – Immigrants and Hypocrites

Set Four (35:20)

Hayes Goodman Feb 25 2012 – Iran
Misfits – Hunting Humans
Hayes – Obama profiling
Hayes Alexander – February 4, 2012
Femen Protest
Blondie – Atomic
Useless I.D – Too Bad You Don’t Get It
Secret hookup
Spinal Tap – Hell Hole live
Militarization of Police
Beginner’s Guide To Being A Hermit – Foamy The Squirrel
Perspective Oakland – The Oakland Commune
Hot Water Music – We’ll Say Anything We Want

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