my cousin, the subcommandante

I stumbled over to this weird wikipedia page that apparently compares and contrasts 2 docutainment productions on what happens after the rapture to the Earth.

Sadly, both series assume everyone is called up on the day, regardless of diversity. The beauty of Nature is that after all the people leave their clothes and go to Heaven, you and I will remain behind on Earth. Meek inheritance and all that. I can’t wait for those asshole true believers to be called up to Jesus. Good Riddance, place will smell a lot nicer after the Rapture. Yeah


“Also, Aftermath shows what would happen if a nuclear power plant’s spent fuel rods are left without the cooling equipment governing its condition. Life After People suggest that nuclear power plants would safely shut down with no ill effects with no mention of what would happen to spent fuel rods in storage. However, in an episode of Life After People: The Series, “Toxic Revenge”, spent fuel rods are shown 10 days after people heating up and exploding the reactors containing it. Aftermath also shows that the nuclear power plants themselves would shut down without incident, but the spent fuel rod storage in separate buildings would eventually blow up and spread radiation into the air and the surrounding countryside after the backup safety devices fail, due to lack of fuel a few days after the main power plant supplying power shutdown. Life After People also does not mention the release of poisonous gas from chemical plants when their safety features fail, lacking the fuel to run them. Life After People does however talk about the Hoover Dam still generating power after people, but neither show talks about the things powered by batteries and solar power. In the Life After People episode, “Crypt of Civilization”, watches with batteries are shown to last at least a year after us. In another episode, “Waves of Devastation”, one of the landmarks the episode centers around is the ferris wheel on the Santa Monica Pier, that features LED lights that run automatically at night, powered by solar power. In another episode, “Sin City Meltdown”, Springs Preserve’s visitor center in Las Vegas is powered by the sun, and so the recorded voices of man still echo, until ten years after people, where silt has accumulated on the solar panels and the last vestiges of the human voice vanish.”


2 thoughts on “Discussion of post-apocalyptic Optimism

  1. Okay, and so I was merely perusing this site and then I found the thought from Ellen — and reckoned that I just had to respond, All things considered just how could I let that go down?

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