06. December 3, 2011 episode details

Set One (7:48)

Idiots – Burn Down
Clip – Putin Upset by NATO action Libya
Clip – Realpolitik Clinton, Afghanistan
Leadbelly – There’s a Man Goin Round Takin Names
George – Accepting Adversary
Clip – Soledad Brother
Natasha – Comentary
Bif Naked – Lucky Ones
David Rovics – Better Anarchist than You
Tactics – Black Bloc
Pixies – Where is My Mind
Casualties – Violence
Angela Davis – Harlem
Special Forces – Make the Leaders Fight
Theme – Last Unicorn

Set Two

Angela Davis – American Imperialism Momentum
David Rovics – When Johnny Came Marching Home
Ghost Mice – Free Pizza for Life
Musashi – Little Green Men of Envy
Molotov Cocktail – Jerk in Progress
David Rovics – After the Revolution
Chris Hayes – David Addington
Occupy Oakland – Too Much
Occupy Wall Street – Tax Reform
Stimulator – Occupy the Machine
Stimulator – Black Bloc not Ninjas

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