sheepI am not a vegan. However, I feel a kinship with animals. I wonder how it is that a human’s natural aversion to cruelty can be overcome in the agricultural industry. These animals allow themselves to be exploited for your profit. You owe it to yourself to endeavor towards kindness, away from cruelty at every opportunity.

Here’s some opinions from Vegan bloggers:

The most common antidote to flystrike is prevention. Sounds good doesn’t it? Prevention is always better than cure. Uhuh, wrong again. What this prevention involves is an operation called mulesing. This is quite a well-known operation that has caused a substantial outcry from animal-caring groups but still continues. It is outlawed in many countries, including the U.K. What it involves is the slicing away (literally) of folds of skin from beneath the sheep’s tail area using shears. It is done without anaesthetic. The way the sheep is cut is: two cuts down the tail, two down beside the anus and then to the vulva and finally across the top of the tail. The RSPCA recommends that “the mulesing of sheep must only be performed where it has been established for a particular geographical location that only by this animal husbandry technique will the certainty of mulestrike be minimised.”via Vegan Views 77 – Wool… the Reality for the Sheep.

Sheep are sheared in the spring, just before they would naturally shed their winter coats. Because shearing too late would mean a loss of wool, most sheep are sheared while it is still too cold. An estimated one million sheep die every year of exposure after premature shearing.
Another problem with sheep shearing is that the shearers are not paid by the hour, but by volume. They handle the animals very roughly and a lot of sheep get injured. via Animal Cruelty – Wool.


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