What happened to Trayvon happens to kids everyday. By all accounts, he sounds like a really cool kid. That makes this even more tragic. The situation is egregious because the outcome was a young man was stalked and killed for no reason. Now the debate becomes whether or not a person has the right to stand his ground? That’s a shame because we really need debate about the entire concept of “good shootings”

Tell them not to kill for walking while black

Cops shouldn’t be allowed to kill black men just because they can sincerely attest that they fear for their lives when confronted by a member of a group historically oppressed by police. Of course they should fear for their lives. History provides centuries of good reason for white men’s fear and guilt.

I feel the same way about Trayvon’s killer. I have no doubt that his killer was motivated primarily by fear. Fear doesn’t mean killing randomly is okay. There has to be an actual threat for there to be a claim of self-defense. The reality is that Trayvon had no weapon. Trayvon was being stalked by some random guy at night. The claim of self-defense is clearly with Trayvon.

Since the only opinions that matter in the justice system are those of white men or people who aspire to be white men, I’m not shocked that the debate gets turned around from public safety to whether it is reasonable for a wannabe white man to be fearful.


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