I have a friend who says no it’s not a police state and he points to how easy it is to find people who have been arrested. True, for the most part. People are still getting HUGE settlements from police departments when the police break the law.

Things are a lot better for African-Americans as far as the legal system goes as compared to the 1950s during Jim Crow. There are black cops now. It brings us back to the old question, does reform ever solve anything?

Perhaps the police are suppressing and abusing people without drawing the attention of the courts or even the notice of interested parties like activists and journalists. We do seem to be mesmerized by the scandals and spectacles arranged for a worldwide audience.

Maybe it’s just capitalism finally coming into it’s own. Capitalism cannot survive without exploitation and imperialism. The small bones thrown to us by the corporate masters are minimum wage, over-priced and inadequate health insurance, food stamps.

This is what we are settling for these days.

Are we becoming a police state? Five things that have civil liberties advocates nervous | Need to Know | PBS.


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