I remember there was a really long ammo shortage after the 2008 election before Obama took office. All the gun nuts were so paranoid that Obama would be restricting gun rights, a rush on purchases caused a shortage affecting troops in Iraq.

Americans love fireing off a shit load of bullets, I know I do! I hardly ever hit anything so I go through bullets probably even faster. The ammo was so expensive, friends of mine were stockpiling whatever they could.

So prices go way up during the shortage and I can’t help but wonder if the ammo companies aren’t intentionally shorting the bullet supply so as to reinforce the the myth that Obama is after your guns. Firearm dealers sell massive ammounts of guns during times when everyone is nervous about gun control. Buyers looking for ammo can easily be convinced to buy another gun with the money they can’t spend on ammo.

Reality Check – Obama has not made a single move in the direction of gun control since taking office. In fact, if anything, he has loosened restrictions.  Gun nuts think he’s going to spew out a buttload of gun control in his 2nd term. I just think he probably doesn’t care about guns.

Quoted from the Cracked.com article

That’s true, they’re just not shooting people with it. Full-auto is only really used for suppression, that is, to make the bad guys duck their heads and hunker down while your people maneuver into position. In fact, virtually all bullets are used for this. For each insurgent killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, 250,000 shots are fired that hit absolutely nothing. About three tons of ammunition for every one dude killed. Picture Arnold lugging that shit around.


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