Here’s a refresher of one of the last public and proud bitchslaps these supposed public servants suckerpunched the people of Oakland…

Former Oakland cop gets $1.5M settlement in ‘Riders’ case
June 28, 2007|
Henry K. Lee, Chronicle Staff Writer

(06-28) 07:31 PDT OAKLAND — 2007-06-28 07:31:00 PDT OAKLAND– A former Oakland police officer acquitted of charges that he framed people as a member of “the Riders” will receive $1.5 million to settle a federal civil rights lawsuit in which he claimed he was slandered, officials said today.

Matt Hornung, 35, will receive the money as part of a settlement with the city’s insurance carrier, Kemper Insurance Companies, said Erica Harrold, spokeswoman for Oakland City Attorney John Russo.”The city had no part in the settlement. No taxpayer money was used to pay Hornung,” Harrold said today. “The city neither consented nor objected to this settlement. It was a business decision by Kemper.”

And, this is back in the present…

Here’s an informal conference regarding the possibility of Federalization…

Presentation and Discussion: Federalization of Oakland Police Impact and Consequences for the Community It is possible that based on the history of Oakland Police misconduct, a federal judge might finally decide to put Oakland Police department under some type of federal supervision. The department will be back in court to answer to judge Felton Henderson this month. This could have  dramatic impacts on the way our community experiences and has to deal with police. Learn about the history of the Consent Decree and other efforts to put OPD in check. Presentation by James Chanin, one of the lawyers who sued the OPD in the Oakland Riders case and helped to write the Consent Decree that the OPD is supposed to be abiding by. Police accountability activists encouraged to attend this important strategy discussion. NIEBYL-PROCTOR LIBRARY 6501 TELEGRAPH AVE. (Near 65th Ave.) OAKLAND SUNDAY JANUARY 15th 2-4pm Sponsored by Berkeley

Copwatch Call 510-548-0425


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