Every alliance we acquire is bought and paid for with cash. We are unable to credibly claim any pretense of justice because of the drone missions into civilian areas. The US gov’t orders carefully brain-washed and developmentally damaged pilots to maneuver killer flying robots into civilian areas. No amount of derangement can protect our own young soldiers from tactical arrogance visibly traumatizing their soul to mass murder. Creating the killer is evil.

Any family, any people, any free man capable of reason would defend himself and his family against mass murder justified by flaws in intelligence.or communication failure with allies. There is no real politick among tacticians who visit mass murder upon children. Would any member of today’s armed forces ever question the wartime rhetoric the way Vietnam draftees would? A volunteer in Vietnam served with draftees who vocally challenged the war rhetoric.

In the modern military, these young men have a career path to follow. They needn’t hump thru months of indefinite assignment in battle conditions, forcing them to rethink the suspension of disbelief which initially allowed their hearts to see an invasion as a rescue mission. When the questions begin to sound critical, today’s army doesn’t cruelly send you to the front. You can go home if you lose the thirst for war.

In the eyes of those affected by the US cold, macro-imperialist tactics, Americans must seem like heartless overlords heartlessly squandering their souls to have more in common with the flying killer robots than with their victims.


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