Silencing The Witnesses: Defending the Right to Record
December 3rd Saturday at 2pm
Humanist Hall
390 27th St. Oakland

Oscar Grant Committee Against Police Brutality and State Repression and
Berkeley Copwatch present a forum and video showing “Silencing The Witnesses:
Government Attacks on the Right To Observe”.
Recent protests have drawn incredibly violent responses from police agencies.
Tear gas, flash bang grenades, bean bag rounds and overwhelming force has been
documented by civilian journalists across the country at Occupy protests.
Meanwhile, on a daily basis, people who attempt to document police abuse are
increasingly being targeted for their efforts to bring human rights violations
to light. In response to new legislation and outright assaults, activists are
waging a national struggle to keep copwatching safe and legal. Join us for an
update of where the right to record stands, how the government is suppressing
evidence of brutality and how we can defend our first amendment rights right
here in the Bay Area.

• Video Updates will include footage from civilian monitors
• Refreshments will be provided


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