Set 1 of 4

Opening – Modern anti-cop chants, STFU – Miserable Existence, panther chants, station  id,  TMbG – Birdhouse In Your Soul
Bill Maher – Keith Ellison – education – 2011.11.11
Natasha – Track id, welcome
David Rovics – You Don’t Fool Me
Casey Neill – Riff Raff
Natasha – Track id
Stag Bitten – Parade
Ben Gleib – Occupy Wall St. Has No Point – Reports
Occupy Oakland – Ain’t Gonna Study War
Dream Angus – One Small Voice

Set 2 of 4

Natasha – Track id and commentary on the nature of satire
John Stewart – discusses Rick Perry’s love of america
Molotov Cocktail – Fuck It All Up
News – Occupy Oakland Protester admits bottles were thrown at Police BEFORE police responded
Pixies – Wave Of Mutilation
Dylan Ratigan – Political Rant – It’s beginning to fall apart! Government Corruption
David Rovics – Occupy Wall Street
Natasha – Track id, Tristan Anderson Solidarity, singing along “Stay Right Here”
Bill Maher – Keith Ellison – education – 2011.11.11

Set 3 of 4
Python – Galaxy Song
Natasha – Show Announcement for David Rovics
Tavis Smiley and Cornell West – Malcolm X
David Rovics – Resistance
Pixies – Monkey Gone To Heaven
Natasha – Track id
Malcolm X – Who Taught you to Hate Yourself
Rise Against – Prayer Of The Refugee

Set 4 of 4
Obama Administration – Humanitarian Hypocrisy
Natasha – Track id
Leadbelly – Bourgeois Blues
Jacob Crawford – DN – Copwatching – 2008 DNC – Denver
Matt Holdaway’s Army – live at The Stork Club March 2011
Gogol Bordello – Last One Goes the Hope


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