Why is it so hard for people like you and me to understand why these rednecks, southerners and christians who are as poor and as lacking in opportunity as we are, would identify not with us, the toilers, but with those rich white men who founded America, who killed the Indians, lied their way to war, built up the arms race, polluted the planet? Poor white workers from small towns opposing tax hikes for the rich? That’s insane. Especially the super rich, who are widening the income gap by outsourcing, closing american factories, squandering resources, and actively removing legal rights and protections for the masses. The wealthy are protected by the murderous public police force, then hire off duty cops for mercenary work.

So we were speculating, that maybe these poor dumb fucks are practicing a corrosive optimism. Against evidence to the contrary, these poor dumb fucks believe that they have the potential to become rich someday. They must just believe like they believe in the Bible. They believe that if they pray to God, he will answer their prayers, even though just one moment of critical thinking would contradict the idea of God answering prayers, God knows already what it is people pray for, by definition. It makes no sense that prayer would entitle a person to anything wouldn’t be heading their way anyway.

People feel good when they pray and think in hopeful ways. People like to ignore the truth staring them in the face. They believe that negativity is sabotage and a crisis of faith for everything it touches. Maybe negativity is bad, who knows? To be honest, I find it difficult to distinguish between negativity and realism. Just because one chooses not to be negative, does not mean it is any better to think positively in hopes that reality will somehow be altered by good thoughts. That is a ridiculously dangerous belief system that removes personal accountability.

Not just Christians, secular philosophy is crawling with visualizations and affirmations. But this optimism can be truly corrosive on our culture, economy, and political structure. I think the false hope that causes poor people to throw their lot in with the super-wealthy, is manufactured by the manipulative forces who control the muñeca show that we call democracy. The corrosive optimism of the American Dream


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