Radio Playlist for Aug. 27, 2011 Music Cops Resent at 10 pm on Saturdays

Track List for Aug. 27, 2011

United Blood – Government Warning
Sex Pistols – Pretty Vacant
Track ID
MCR – interview with BART passenger
Descendents – Nothing with You
Angry Samoans – Lights Out
Track ID
On This Day in History Aug 6 – Hiroshima
Molotov Cocktail – Going to China
AutoTune the News – Belgium
Garfunkel and Oates – One Night Stand
Track ID
MCR – interview with Linton Johnson
Holy Holy Holy – Broken People
MCR – Celsite Shutdown
La Plebe – Guerra Sucia
Track ID
MCR – British Riots
Misfits – Angelfuck
MCR – Death Penalty
Sex Pistols – Ruin Everything
Track ID
Briefs – AntiSocial
MCR – Police Info Hacked
Track ID
Jimmy McMillan – Rent is Too Damn High
Faith No More – Lets Lynch the Landlord
Everything is Illuminated – Vegetarian
MDC – John Wayne was a Nazi
Michael Mohammed Knight – Mohammed was a Punk
Track ID
Miss America question about Wiki Leaks
Fang – Everybody Makes Me Barf
Everything is Illuminated – Salaries
FloggingMolly – Every Dog Has Its Day
Track ID
Misfits – American Nightmare
Mos Def – Don’t Believe in Anything
Frenzal Rhomb – Drugged by the Cops
MCR – Missouri Sheriffs
Track ID
Pretenders – Middle of the Road
Malcolm X – White Man’s Law
Track ID
Intrepif AAF – Common Man
MCR – Democracy Now Interview with Michelle Alexander
Special Forces – Make the Leaders Fight
Everything is Illuminated – Sammy Davis Jr Jr
Instant Asshole – Straightedge Failure
Flex Your Rights – Probable Cause
Track ID
Misfits – We Bite
Christ on Parade – Nothing to Live For
MCR – March on Fruitvale
Sex Pistols – When There’s No More punks
Track ID
Leftover Crack – Gay Rude Boys Unite
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