Your BART Protest Arrest Recap – Mission Loc@l : News From San Francisco’s Mission District.

Photograph by Helene Goupil

Below are the official charges filed on the arrestees. The protesters were refraining from interfering with the commute, yet in order to turn public opinion against legal assembly, BART shut down the stations. There were no safety concerns, BART just spins the demonstration to justify past and future misconduct.

Arrest report from demonstration Monday, August 21, 2011

Of the 36, 35 were arrested under police code 2800, refusal to comply with a lawful out-of-service order

Five were arrested under 148 — resisting, delaying or obstructing any public officer

Thirty-one were arrested under 21950 — failure to yield the right-of-way

One person was arrested under 453 — possession, manufacture or disposal of any flammable or combustible material or substance, or any incendiary device in an arrangement or preparation, with intent to willfully and maliciously use this material, substance or device to set fire to or burn any structure, forest land or property. Those would probably be some of the firecrackers that people at the protest reported going off. That person — the only person who looks to be charged with anything — was booked into county jail on a felony charge.

Five were charged with 148, resisting arrest.

Protester Demands:
1. Fire Linton Johnson and BART Chief Kenton Rainey.
2. Mandate new training for all BART officers.
3. Publicly apologize to the people for shutting down cell service.
4. Take the guns away from the BART police.
5. Reopen the investigation to the killing of Charles Hill.

Photograph by Helene Goupil

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