MALCOLM X: When I was on the pilgrimage, I had close contact with Muslims whose skin would in America be classified as white and with Muslims who would themselves be classified as white in America, but these particular Muslims didn’t call themselves white. They looked upon themselves as human beings, as part of the human family and therefore they looked upon all other segments of the human family as part of that same family.
-Africa Within

People who were part of the Black nationalist movement have told me that I am flat out wrong when I tell them what I feel when I listen to Malcolm’s words. When Malcom spoke about his people, he was speaking about oppressed people under a state. He disputed the idea that the white man would ever be made to reform from evil. It took a while for him to see that the idea of the white man is the embodiment of oppression. The color of a person’s skin doesn’t always reflect who that person is. It’s the culture and belief system of the white man who calls himself white and is proud of the imperialist ways of his culture that define a white person.

One can have white skin and not be of the white man’s culture.


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