You are so at peace with the universe to tempt fate like this, not me.Eyeball
Plus, I have decided to never ever again allow anyone to catch me doing something that can be attributed to being unlucky.
Self-confirming evidence slides into self-fulfilling prophesy.
My young man warned me when I was putting down stuff from the car, including the hat, on the bed.
I chose at the time to thank him for his concern.

‘Spose you could call that an unlucky day.
We were halfway through a 2-day road trip to visit friends in No. Cal., then see a band in Sacramento the next day.
My young man went back to Oakland after leaving the Sacramento show early because he had thought I had left without him.
That’s what he said had happened, anyway, rotten luck on me, right?
Please don’t let anyone get the idea I’m unlucky, holy crap.
That lunatic actually attributed my predicament to my placing the hat on the bed, I shit you not!
He said he’d had a feeling that something bad was going to happen.
Lucky it was summer, that I knew people there, but sadly, no one not pissed to be disturbed in the middle of the night.

So it was a mixed bag, really. I still feel grateful to my young man that he didn’t get a “feeling” that I’d be stranded naked and barefoot on top of a mountain.
Bad luck is caused by exterior forces alright, exterior forces like my young man.
Easy to fail to realize until too late that otherwise normal people may in fact be harboring previously undisclosed crazy beliefs.
You and I are instruments of fate both for ourselves and for those around us.
However, I take special care that I never become inspired to go around fulfilling crazy delusions and misattributing my actions to the unseen hand.
But if you asked my young man, I think he’d disagree.

My young man’s crazy superstitions:

1- Hat on the bed at a hotel before I’d heard of that one (it was his hat, but I put it there) meant that we had to leave that room, get another room. I was told there was no fix for it really though. He was certain something awful would happen as soon as the hat made contact with the bed. Changing rooms was more just so he wouldn’t be reminded of the horrific sight.

2 – Saying, things like, “There won’t be any cops on that road tonight,” is a jinx and if said by ignorant person (me) in the car, driver should immediately avoid jinxed road.

3 – It’s super bad luck to ignore spilled salt, no matter who spilled it. My young man would do his little ritual with any substance having salt like qualities. People can be very deferential to guys like my young man, who are creepily consistent in spillage response. That’s probably why no one freaked out when he consolidated a little pile of cocaine at a party and then tossed half the blow over his right shoulder, other half over the left. I’m surprised that there are apparently quite a lot of different variations to the fix, though. You’d think that a little experimentation would allow for the discovery of progressively greater advances in de-cursing technology

4 – Cats will draw the breath from your lungs while you sleep. Having a cat around while you are sleeping, could result in death, or maybe just a decrease in vitality. Cats may be entering bedrooms secretly in order to carry out this practice. However, the cats that enter and exit in this manner are very bad cats. Unfortunately, good cats can’t help themselves sometimes, so vigilance is required.

Superstitions I like:

1 – Everybody must drink when a toast is offered, otherwise everyone in the room will have bad luck.

2 – Doing selfish things at the expense of strangers, whether they are aware of it or not, will result in temporary bad luck lasting until the two parties are “even.”

3 – Crows are an omen of death (super accurate I bet, someone somewhere is dying every time a crow appears)

4 – If you remark on your own good luck, you must find some wood and knock, otherwise your good luck will not just be over, it will turn bad.

Unconsciously, the mind collects minutiae which can then be analyzed, unconsciously as well, resulting in perception which seems to be, or maybe feels like, perception which is extra-sensory, which is neat. I like to think that there is not nearly so many ideas and things which are impossible as we think.

Hope the weather is nice where u are and your health is good.
What country is that?
I’m sick with some pernicious tissue decomposition, again. You and your doctor would call my condition a cold, but it’s far more systemic than that. Colds do not have this kind of long-lasting feeling of impending death, usually. Or maybe, it’s the crow I saw. Home sick again today, me.
The pharmaceutical companies are omens of death.

Oh yeah, yeah, super important that you give me the skinny as to, does your girlfriend give you an allowance?
Work is actually a scotch worse in your absence, which is really saying something!


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